Day 3. The food steamer arrives.

The delicious power of steam.

One of the things I miss about my childhood is my parents’ cooking. They were, and still are, very, very good at cooking food. That’s why Sunday dinner with them is always a treat (they’re going to wonder why my appetite will have appeared to have dropped by 2/3 in one week this Sunday, that’s for sure).

Among the things that I never managed to replicate to their level after I moved out was the art of steaming food. My parents never had anything fancy for this – they’d just fill the bottom quarter of one of their woks with water, put a grid to suspend a plate of food over the water, put the food on the grid, put the lid on the wok, and let the steam do the rest.

At least, that’s what it looked like every time. Chicken, fish, vegetables, anything really – if my parents steamed it, it turned out perfectly every single last time. When I do it, on the other hand, even my good results still lack. And I can’t quite seem to stop water from condensing onto the plates themselves.

And so, I thought I’d take advantage of this diet challenge to finally get myself a dedicated multi-level food steamer. Using just a wok clearly isn’t doing it, so maybe I should see if modern technology can help. Off to my friendly (virtual-)neighbourhood Amazon I went!

The unboxing.

I did a quick bit of research online and settled on a Hamilton Beach model. A quick little bit of Amazon clicking, the thing arrived on Day 3 of my dieting.

Unpacking was quick (thank you Exacto Knife!):




There was a lot of packaging. Yikes.

And with that, i washed and prepped the thing. Come back on Day 7 to see how well it worked!

The other parts of the day.

I’m pretty glad I had thoughts of the steamer to keep me mildly distracted. Because whenever I wasn’t, all I could think of was unhealthy, fat and/or sugar-laden food. The kind that I really shouldn’t be having in the gargantuan quantities I want. It kinda doesn’t help that my coworkers are really generous with bringing in pastries and other goodies on a regular basis.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not ungrateful about their offerings. They are really, really awesome people to be around. But DAMN, coming to work to a giant box of fresh donuts or fancy pastries from some European bakery sitting around the department like bait is really, really hard. Especially since I’m normally coming in directly from a wonderfully bruising workout.

Regardless, made it through the day without cheating on the diet. Hooray…


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