Day 2. Apples have never been sweeter.

Hunger wakes you better than any alarm.

I woke up well before my alarm rang because my stomach was growling something fierce (so fiercely that I’m actually using “something fierce” as a turn of phrase non-ironically). My eyes were open wide.

I tried to get back to sleep, but after a few listless moments I knew that sleep wasn’t going to come back. So, up I got, and off I went.

Now, at 4:55 AM, there’s really not too much I felt like doing, especially given how hungry I was. Didn’t feel like reading the news. Didn’t feel like Youtubing. Didn’t feel like anything really. But I needed something to take get my mind off hunger.

My brain wasn’t all there, but I still wanted to make myself useful. And so it was that I ended up taking rolls of toilet paper out of their packaging and starting building a pyramid in the bathroom rack. All while sipping a coffee.

The gym couldn’t come soon enough. Well, or so I thought.

Boot Camp at 6:30 AM…


I’ve been going to Boot Camp classes since October, and a couple months back I’d gotten up to going to the gym six days a week. I pushed myself hard every single time. By the end of each session, I was well and truly tapped out. My gymmates are very used to seeing me literally floored at the end of each workout, with my sweat creating a stain on the ground shaped just like me. That said, the warmup wasn’t difficult to do. I’d gotten to the point where I could casually sail through them with barely a sweat.

Of course, today promised to be… different.

And different it was! Doing the warmup with my stomach growling meant that everything was hard. The gentle jog felt like hardcore sprints, the gentle pushups felt like someone was standing on my back, and the gentle stretching felt like advanced contortion. It felt as though the warmup was the actual workout.

My start this morning: Inauspicious.

And so it went downhill from there. For every exercise, I jumped lower and moved slower. I lost my form every second rep at first, and then I graduated to losing my form every. Single. Time. I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a case of two left feet. I was constantly face down.

Still though, I got to the end. With, you know, much less dignity than when I’d started the morning. But, oh well. It was done. I don’t even remember the protein shake after the workout – it was very damn well inhaled.

Breakfast at work. Take 2.

Driving to work was bad. Extra traffic meant that it was taking much longer than usual to get to the office. Now, I’m normally not an aggressive driver at all, but lordy, I was this day. It felt like everyone was too slow, too dim-witted, and too unworthy of their cars.

I do believe I’d entered the state of being “hangry” – rage borne of hunger. Not good.

When I finally arrived at work, I went straight to the kitchen and heated up my food. And I somehow managed to eat it even faster than the breakfast from Day 1.

I started spotting a pattern here.

So, I was determined to do one thing this day: Actually savor one of my meager morsels of food. I held my apple aside, and set my mind to having that as the last thing for the day. Of course, that meant even less snacking than the day before, but I refused to not savor my food.

And so, the rest of Day 2 went much like Day 1, except it was even harder.

The first bite of the apple gave me a high.


I made it all the way to day’s end. I did my work, engaged with my colleagues, and did all my usual evening chores at home – all while starving (except for those brief 15 minutes after each meal, where I merely felt less hungry for having eaten. I certainly wasn’t full).

I think I’d earned my apple reward. And so, just before bed, I took out the apple from my lunch bag. Time to dig in!

I chomped down so hard I swear the sound echoed throughout the apartment. And you know what?

That bite of apple was the sweetest I had ever tasted ever ever. In my life.

My eyes just popped open with the shock of the flavour sensation. Was this actually apple? Why in the hell had it NEVER tasted so good or so sweet? DAMN.

I had to fight the temptation to inhale it. And so,  I didn’t. after that first big giant bite, I took much, much smaller bites. I chewed slowly and deliberately, sucking the juice out of the apple flesh as surely and as completely as I could. I’d forgotten to peel off the sticker form the apple, and so I gently shaved off the pieces of apple flesh stuck to the sticker with a spoon.

I kept going this way till nothing but the stem, seeds, and the bottom part of the apple pit were left. I don’t think I’d EVER enjoyed an apple that much.

When I was done, I could feel that I had the biggest smile. I chuckled. I think I finally understood why the apple was the fruit that got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden. I think I’d have taken that chance myself if they all tasted as good as the one I’d had!



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